Our Staff


Tony – TATTOOIST/BODY PIERCER 20 years’ experience

In 1993 I joined Ancient Art as a professional tattooist and body piercer, working alongside some amazing artists. I am now the owner of Ancient Art and have put together a great team of professional artists who have no egos or bad attitudes. Since as far back as I can remember tattooing and piercing have always fascinated me. I spent most of my tattoo senior school life in the local tattoo studio, which was owned and run by my friend Terry Dean aka “Dino”.

  • NVQ Level 2 Infection control
  • Fully qualified First Aider


Angela – BODY PIERCER 4 years’ experience

I first became interested in body art when I met my husband who owns Ancient Art. He has encouraged and mentored me along the way but I was unable to get started as I had a family to bring up. I know have 4 years’ experience in body piercing , as well as observing studying and learning different styles and techniques of tattooing.

With an A level in art I have helped create many custom designs for people who want something different.

  • NVQ level2 in Infection Control.
  • Fully qualified First Aider.


Tammy –BODY PIERCER/TATTOOIST 5 years’ experience


‘Body modification is not a job; I see it as a way of everyday life’

My interest in becoming a body piercer started at the age of 13, when my father Mark, commonly known as ‘Framey’ took interest in building tattoo machines. He now owns a globally known business ENGLISH IRONS. With him building tattoo machines and himself and my mother having numerous amount of artwork tattooed, I was brought up around it all, and so I took a lot of interest as I was intrigued with how it all worked and how it was involved in the industry. I have always had a passion for piercing and the idea of becoming a body piercer really stood out in my mind, the more I thought about it the more appealing it became, so I looked into it further. At the age of 16 when I had finished school, my obsessive interest led me to a local studio where I spent many hours alongside a professional body piercer watching and learning techniques which then led me to where I am today. Working for Tony here at Ancient Art was the best thing I ever did; I couldn’t see myself working in a better place. I thank Tony for the great opportunity.

  • NVQ level2 in Infection Control.
  • Fully qualified First Aider.


Ashley – TATTOOIST 3 years self-taught / 1 year studio experience

Ashley joined Ancient Art in March 2012 and has fast become a very competent tattooist. Self-taught, previously working on family and friends, under Tony’s guidance at the shop he has now gained lots of experience and confidence, which shows through his excellent body of work he has created. This has already earned him a large regular client base. His natural artistic talent and, attention to detail has helped him produce some excellent custom designs for his clients. He has made an excellent impression with his hard work and commitment to all staff and customers in his first year, we are proud to have him at Ancient Art and think he has an exciting future ahead of him.

  • Commencing training in Infection control and first aid.